Inga completes life-saving effort

Thanks to you and a host of wonderful professionals, little Inga Beero is alive, is thriving and is now back home with his family on Kiritimati (Christmas Island) in the Central Pacific.

Inga’s life saving adventure began when he was just 6 months old (see ‘before’ picture) when local Christmas Island Dr. John Tekanene brought Inga’s condition to the attention of those of us at Pacific Islands Medical Aid, (PIMA) who were on the island at the time. “With Inga’s massive facial cleft and constant infections, Dr. John did not think the little boy would survive,” says Carlton Smith, PIMA president.

“But now at four years old, and after three separate surgeries on three trips to California, Inga is thriving,” he said.

Inga returns home after life-saving effort

Inga returns home after life-saving effort

Together with our wonderful partner at Mending Kids International in Burbank, California, Inga was initially flown to Childeren’s Hospital of Los Angeles, where noted surgeon Dr. Mark Urata performed the first surgery to close Inga’s cleft.

On two successive trips, Inga was flown to Shriners Hospital for Children in Los Angeles for follow-up surgery. On all three visits, Mending Kids International arranged for great host parents to care for Inga when he was an out patient.

“Your donations to PIMA helped make all of this happen. We cannot thank you enough,” Carlton said.

Henry cured; Now heading home

A serious bone infection in the left arm of 14-year-old Henry Tiim from Christmas Island in Kiribati has now been cured by orthopedic surgeons and their staff at Shriners Hospital for Children in Honolulu and Henry has now been cleared to return home, they said.

Thumbs Up – It’s ‘thumbs up’ for 14 year year old Henry Tiim and his mother as Shriners Honolulu orthopedic surgeon Dr. Graham Fedorak clears Henry to go home to Christmas Island in Kiribati after being successfully treated for a serious bone infection in his left arm.

Henry’s serious infection, termed osteomyelitis, was discovered last year during an examination performed by Dr. Craig Ono, chief of staff of Shriners in Honolulu, during a volunteer expedition to Christmas Island (Kiritimati). Dr. Ono and his team identified 11 serious orthopedic cases on the island at that time and has begun to work through the list.

Henry was flown to Honolulu in late February for treatment, consisting of a series of surgeries designed to clear the infection, according to his orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Graham Fedorak.

During Henry’s stay in Honolulu, he and his mother were hosted by Ms. Etita Timon and her family, who Henry’s mother said ‘took wonderful care of us.”

We are thrilled to be part of an agreement between Shriners in Honolulu, Pacific Islands Medical Aid and the Kiribati Ministry of Health, where Shriners has agreed to ‘adopt’ childrens’ orthopedic cases from Kiribati, the ministry pays for air fare and PIMA covers housing costs in Honolulu.