Thanks to Sherry: A big thank you to Sherry Shaw, (center) CryoLife cardiovascular specialist, and the firm she represents, On-X Life Technologies, for donating world class artificial heart valves. With Sherry are patients and Dr. John Tekanene, physician from Christmas Island in Kiribati.

A Big Thanks to Sherry and CryoLife

Absolutely critical to our success with heart patients from the Central Pacific are new heart valves needed to replace defective human valves in the dozens of islanders brought to the U.S. for life-saving surgery.

CryoLife cardiovascular specialist Sherry Shaw of Plano, Texas and the firm she represents, On-X Life Technologies, Inc., have been absolutely essential in our humanitarian program by donating world-class artificial heart valves to Pacific Islands Medical Aid (PIMA) through Baylor Scott White Heart Hospital in Plano and team leader, cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. David Moore of Cardiac Surgery Specialists in Plano.

“We cannot thank Sherry enough for organizing her company’s fabulous donations and for her continuing support of this worthwhile program,” said Carlton Smith, PIMA president.

Sherry said it is “a humbling honor to be part of such a worthwhile endeavor with such an excellent heart team and hospital.”

CryoLife is a leader in tissue processing and medical devices, such as the On-X prosthetic heart valves used in cardiac surgical procedures, Carlton said.