A World of Help: Little 6 year-old Raebine Tibweana gets a world of help at Shriners Hospital for Children in Honolulu after being diagnosed on Christmas Island in Kiribati with both her left and right hips dislocated, plus dystonia. Attending Raebine are, from left, nurse Cherlyn Caneda, Raebine's mom, Shriners Chief of Staff Dr. Craig Ono, and PIMA volunteer translator Kaitibo Timon.

Another Shriners Miracle

Little six-year-old Raebine Tibweana has just returned home to Christmas Island in Kiribati after more than two months at Shriners Hospital for Children in Honolulu, where she underwent successful surgeries for two displaced hips and treatment for involuntary muscle contractions.

“It’s another miracle performed by the wonderful physicians and nurses at Shriners Hospital in Honolulu,” said Carlton Smith, president of Pacific Islands Medical Aid, Inc. (PIMA) “She’s on her way to recovery and will return to Honolulu in a year’s time for reevaluation,” he said.

Tebweana and other children from the isolated central Pacific nation of Kiribati needing orthopedic intervention come to Honolulu as a result of a special agreement between Shriners, PIMA and the Kiribati Ministry of Health, Carlton said.

Under this worthwhile program, Shriners sends physicians to Kiribati once a year to examine needy children and place them on a priority list for help. Shriners provides all medical care without cost, under the direction of chief of staff Dr. Craig Ono.

The Kiribati Ministry of Health pays for round-trip airfare for the child and chaperone (most often a parent), and PIMA takes care of visa fees and provides all necessary housing, transportation and translation services on Honolulu.