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Testimony (MOGmusic Remix)

Testimony (MOGmusic Remix)

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4 months ago

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Only You Jesus can do what You do.
Only You can bring the dead back to live.
Only You can give hope to the hopeless.
I have a testimony.
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The new single "ONLY YOU" is a song that narrates a real testimony, acknowledging God Alone as the source, force and reason behind the miracles and transformations we experience in our everyday lives. This song was inspired by personal testimonies and that of others. The song carries a message of hope, confidence and assurance that God is with us and he is part of everything we experience in life. No matter how ugly the betrayal, set ups, anxiety, fear, disappointments and all the awful things we go through, We have a friend in Jesus who is closer than a brother and he will direct our paths into victory. Only Jesus is the reason why we must stand tall in hope of a better tomorrow in spite of all we go through.