Shaiya Resurrection is an EPISODE 5.4 Server.

All level are instant (15-30-80).

All items 30 Days are included free in item mall.

You can find free gears and weapons in Merchant for all levels and classes (1-15 , 20-30 and 80).

Yeah, ok, max gears are not free but don't worry it's very easy to drop it ;).

Lapisia and Recreation Runes are free in RR Merchant in Bootleggery.

Lapis lvl1-lvl5 are free too in custom Lapis Merchant in Bootleggery!


Elemental lapis lvl2 free in Merchant.

Enchant materials free in Merchant.

Status reset free in item mall.

Teleportation Stones free in item mall.

Party Member Summon Runes and Movement Runes free in item mall.

Events Every Day, Massive PvP.

New Customized Gear, New Bosses.

And, of course we are VERY friendly Staff :D

So why you wait? JOIN US!