Ready for School - Taaren Toanikai, biomedical technician at the Ronton Hospital on Christmas Island in Kiribati, meets Jack Smiley, director of the Ukiah Valley Medical Center biomedical department, where Taaren will complete 5 weeks of training.

PIMA Supports Bio-Med Training

One of the most challenging aspects of PIMA’s donations of much needed medical equipment to small hospitals in isolated islands in the Pacific is the maintenance and repair of the equipment.

Young bio-medical technician Taaren Toanikai from tiny Ronton Hospital on Christmas Island in Kiribati struggles with this each day, but is now getting some much needed help, thanks to the generous opportunity offered him by Ukiah Valley Medical Center Hospital in Ukiah, California.

Thanks to our long-time surgical volunteer, Dr. Larry Falk from Ukiah Valley Medical Center and it’s president Gwen Matthews, and your donations to provide round trip airfare, Taaren will get the help he needs.

Taaren arrived in Ukiah last week and begins his five week long training right away, Dr. Falk said.

Dr. Falk said Taaren will participate in the daily activities of the biomedical department there, under the direction of Jack Smiley. He will receive hands-on instruction on operational procedures, safety procedures and repair and maintenance techniques for hospital equipment with particular emphasis on the equipment at Ronton Hospital.

He will also receive instruction in computer networking, repair and maintenance and will be coached by Dr. Falks’ wife in use of the English language in interpreting installation and repair manuals and communicating with consultants and colleagues.

We are really happy for Taaren and thank Dr. Falk and everyone at Ukiah Valley Medical Center for giving him this opportunity. And thanks, too, for your donations to Pacific Islands Medical Aid, Inc. to help make this happen, says Carlton Smith, PIMA president.