Advance Team Identifies Cataract Patients

Our advance eye surgery team, led by long-time Pacific Islands Medical Aid volunteer Dr. Larry Falk, M.D. , along with recently-retired ophthalmologist Dr. Jack F. Mason, M.D., has just returned from the isolated islands of Tabuaeran, Teraina and Kiritimati in the Central Pacific where they identified more than 50 islanders needing cataract surgery.

In addition, hundreds of islanders were examined and received reading and long distance vision eyeglasses, donated by PIMA with your generous donations, and dispensed by local nurses.

In late April, patients will be brought to the small hospital in Kiritimati for cataract surgery, where volunteer eye surgeons Drs. Paul Imperia and Paul Jorizzo from Medford, Oregon will lead. This will be their third Pacific Islands Medical Aid trip to the Line Islands in Kiribati, where they have already performed nearly 200 successful eye surgeries.

See Dr. Falk’s report, including photos, in next month’s newsletter.